Gacha Bakradze – Obscure Languages (2021)

The myriad genres and subgenres of electronic music can often seem like indecipherable languages to those not familiar with the various intricacies and subtle signifiers that differentiate them. This being the case, an album like Obscure Languages by Gacha Bakradze acts as something of a Rosetta Stone, connecting disparate styles and suggesting new ways they … Continue reading Gacha Bakradze – Obscure Languages (2021)

11/06/20 This week I have been mostly listening to

To Rococo Rot - The Amamtuer View (1999). I was prompted to listen to To Rococo Rot while reading Paul Morley’s book, Words and Music. It’s an intriguing, informative yet also maddeningly frustrating book, which I won’t go into detail on here. Apart from to say it seems to be part autobiography and part potted … Continue reading 11/06/20 This week I have been mostly listening to