The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole (1997) – Album Review

Ambitious and at times overblown, Dig Your Own Hole is the Chemical Brothers’ sophomore album and their magnum opus. The title is supposedly a reference to ketamine, and the deep dark trips one can take on the psychedelic dissociative. To continue this analogy, if Dig Your Own Hole is ketamine, then the drug experience celebrated … Continue reading The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole (1997) – Album Review

Charlotte Adigéry – Topical Dancer (2022) – Album Review

I'd been listening to this album on repeat for over a week, all the while being under the impression it was titled Tropical Dancer. While that label goes some way to evoking the funky fruity rhythms and party atmosphere of Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul’s first full-length collaboration, it also didn't strike me as the … Continue reading Charlotte Adigéry – Topical Dancer (2022) – Album Review

Eels – Extreme Witchcraft (2022) – Album Review

When a band is first starting out, there can often be a lot of pressure surrounding the notoriously ‘difficult second album’. And the fact they’ve already poured a lifetime’s worth (up to that point) of heartbreak, adversity and triumph into the first album - leaving nothing interesting to write about for the follow-up. Unfortunately (or … Continue reading Eels – Extreme Witchcraft (2022) – Album Review

Bonobo – Fragments (2022) – Album Review

The British producer Simon Green, better known by his longstanding Bonobo alias, is one of those few artists who successfully executed the transition from bedroom beatsmith to big-ticket draw. For two decades, he’s made his home on the iconic Ninja Tune label, joining as part of the ‘second wave’ of artists, as the label moved … Continue reading Bonobo – Fragments (2022) – Album Review

Nation of Language – A Way Forward (2021) – Album Review

Nation of Language are a Brooklyn-based trio, led by songwriter Ian Devaney, along with his wife Aidan Noell on synths and bassist Michael Sue-Poi. Their 2020 debut album, ‘Introduction, Presence’ was a lovingly crafted, pitch-perfect tribute to 80s synth pop, in all its shiny, euphoric, swooning glory. So precise was their re-creation of an iconic sound that even on first listening … Continue reading Nation of Language – A Way Forward (2021) – Album Review

Clinic – Fantasy Island (2021) – Album Review

Back for album number nine, Clinic remain as fiercely idiosyncratic and uncompromisingly odd as they did on their debut album, over twenty years ago. Fantasy Island, according to the press release, sees the band explore the themes of time, music and entertainment and going “...funky disco, broadening their sonic palette with the addition of several … Continue reading Clinic – Fantasy Island (2021) – Album Review

Snapped Ankles – Forest of Your Problems (2021) – Album Review

Snapped Ankles

It’s impossible to mention Snapped Ankles to anyone who’s familiar with them without being told how excellent they are live. For any band that builds their initial reputation as a formidable live act, transferring that energy and intensity to a recorded album is always going to be a challenge. A challenge which can result in … Continue reading Snapped Ankles – Forest of Your Problems (2021) – Album Review

Daniel Avery – Together in Static (2021) – Album Review

Daniel Avery is one of a handful of noteworthy electronic producers who, over the years, has transition from a relatively slick and shiny sound to something much rougher around the edges. Andy Stott being another one, who a decade ago transformed his clean-lined techno into a lumbering reverb and distortion-caked take on dance music. Over … Continue reading Daniel Avery – Together in Static (2021) – Album Review

Loraine James – Reflection (2021) – Album Review

Rather than club music or urban music, Loraine James says that first and foremost, she produces ‘experimental music’. And though Reflection kicks off in relatively straightforward fashion with the bouncy lo-fi garage of ‘Built to Last’, which sounds archetypal of James’ North London roots, things soon meander off in varied unexpected directions.   Reflection is the … Continue reading Loraine James – Reflection (2021) – Album Review