Skee Mask – Pool (2021) – Album Review

With the release of his third full-length album, Bryan Müller a.k.a. Skee Mask has surely established himself as one of the leading figures at the vanguard of electronic music. His 2018 album, Compro, rightfully found itself near the top of several year-end lists, and now with a bumper selection of brand new tracks drawn from … Continue reading Skee Mask – Pool (2021) – Album Review

John Beltran – The Season Series (2020)

Despite hailing from Lansing Michigan, rather than techno’s heartland in nearby Detroit, John Beltran could nevertheless be considered a member of US techno royalty. His CV boasts early releases on legendary imprints such as Derrick May’s Transmat label, Peacefrog Records and R&S, both under his own name as well as various aliases and collaborations. His … Continue reading John Beltran – The Season Series (2020)

Gacha Bakradze – Obscure Languages (2021)

The myriad genres and subgenres of electronic music can often seem like indecipherable languages to those not familiar with the various intricacies and subtle signifiers that differentiate them. This being the case, an album like Obscure Languages by Gacha Bakradze acts as something of a Rosetta Stone, connecting disparate styles and suggesting new ways they … Continue reading Gacha Bakradze – Obscure Languages (2021)

30/07/20 This week I have been mostly listening to…

Kettel - My Dogan (2006). The Dutch musician, Reimer Eising, aka Kettel, is something of a rarity in electronic music circles (especially those tagged with the joyless term ‘IDM’) in that his tracks are by and large, exceedingly jolly. In what tends to be a very self-consciously serious genre of music, generated by circuit boards … Continue reading 30/07/20 This week I have been mostly listening to…

29/05/2020 – This week I have been mostly listening to

Andrea - Ritorno (2020). This is another record, along with Shred and Compro by Skee Mask and Engravings by Forest Swords, which is fast becoming one of my favourite electronic albums of the last 12 months (that I’ve listened to - those others weren’t released in the last 12 months). I’m finding it hard to … Continue reading 29/05/2020 – This week I have been mostly listening to