Gazelle Twin – Deep England (2021)

The cataclysmic event of Brexit and the ensuing political and cultural fallout has influenced many different musicians across the stylistic spectrum, prompting a range of reactions as artists responded in different ways to the implications of the referendum result. These shockwaves have combined with ever-increasing inequality, which has only been worsened by the pandemic, to … Continue reading Gazelle Twin – Deep England (2021)

20/03/2020 This week I have been mostly listening to

Bogdan Raczynski - Rave Till You Cry (2019). I’d pretty much given up hope on hearing anything more from Bogdan Raczynski (one time renegade Drill’n’bass maverick shock disc-jock extraordinaire) after reading some years ago that he had officially retired from releasing music. And to be fair this album is not new material, so I don’t … Continue reading 20/03/2020 This week I have been mostly listening to