Spirit of the Beehive – ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH (2021)

Spirit of the Beehive’s ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH is not psychedelic music in the normal sense of the term, although like most psychedelic music it does make for a disorientating listening experience. Unlike traditional psyche-rock, which tends to draw its ‘weirdness’ from otherworldly realms, and an appeal to humankind’s connection with nature and the deeper rhythms of … Continue reading Spirit of the Beehive – ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH (2021)

Tunng – Tunng Presents…Dead Club (2020)

The latest album from British folk collective, Tunng, is part of a much wider project exploring our uncomfortable relationship with death, dying and grief. As one of the band’s lead songwriters, Mike Lindsay says, ‘It’s not even just a record, it’s a discussion, it’s a podcast series, it’s poetry, it’s short stories, it’s an examination.’ … Continue reading Tunng – Tunng Presents…Dead Club (2020)